Product Details

Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer EC-Series

HP: up to 400HP (298kW) short duration, 250HP (186kW) continuous
Torque: up to 1,500 ft-lbs
Speed: up to 5,000 RPM

The EC-Series dynamometer system is supplied with the PowerNet LT Data Acquisition and Control system, an engine cooling column, a self-aligning universal engine cart with adapters, and drive shaft.

Specifically designed for small displacement diesel engines, the EC-Series engine dynamometer features in-line eddy current absorption units in a robust, compact frame. The air-cooled eddy current absorbers eliminate the need for an expensive water recirculation system and most engines being tested can be cooled with a standard closed-circuit radiator system. This compact air-cooled design results in a minimal environmental impact and the ability to be easily relocated with no need for a permanent installation. When combined with PowerNet LT, our fully automated dynamometer control system, all of your testing needs can be performed at the touch of a button.