Product Details

Complete Engine Dyno System PTX

HP: up to 1,000 HP (746kW)
Torque: up to 3,500 ft-lbs
Speed: up to 6,000 RPM


The PTX hydraulic dyno system features a trunnion-mounted, fixed base design. These hydraulic dynamometers provide equal load capability in either direction of rotation. Power Test hydraulic dynos are constructed of multiple absorption sections offering the flexibility to test prime movers of widely varying outputs with the same hydraulic dynamometer. By closing off selected sections, the absorption characteristics of a hydraulic dynamometer are able to be closely matched to the engine or motor's capability.
The through shaft design allows either end of the hydraulic dynamometer to be driven and for dynamometer mounted starting systems to be attached and used. Although supplied to provide long term service, internationally available bearings and seals are used in every X-Series hydraulic dynamometer and are located in easy-to-access cartridges to allow field service without the need for dynamometer removal or specialty tools.