Product Details

Wetzel WP Pocket Filter WP Pocket Filter

Product Features
Aerodynamically optimized filter pockets are foamed into a
polyurethane header frame. This extremely stable design
ensure leakfree operation.
The inner metal support structure in the PU frame prevents from
frame breakage and deformation.
The self supporting filter pockets are leakfree welded and burst
proof > 5000 Pascal.
Integrated welded-in diamond shaped spacers guarantee
optimum air flow through the pockets and 100% use of the
installed filter surface.
The materials used (filter media and frame) are
self-extinguishing according to DIN 53438 (F1) and have a UL
WP filters can be operated up to 70°C and 100% relative
The consistently high quality of every single filter is guaranteed
by our modern quality management system in accordance with
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Filters are silicone free and passed the paint compatibility test
All filters are available in the usual standard dimensions.
Full size versions (592x592mm) are delivered with 6 or 8
Half size versions are delivered with 3 or 4 pockets.