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Wetzel V Bank Filter V Bank Filter

Product Features
As the media of filter, ultrafine glass fiber has the
advantages of low resistance and stable efficiency.
Hot melt separator, uniform folding interval ensures stable
airflow through the filter, and the overall anti-interference
performance is excellent.
V bank structure, especially suitable for large air volume,
where airflow is not usually stable.
In the case of large air volume, metal or plastic mesh can be
used as the protection of the filter media, which effectively
protects the filter media from damage.
Polyurethane glue seal between the filter media and the
outer frame, high adhesion and shock resistance.
The sealing gasket adopts rubber sealing material such as
CR and EPDM, and has self-extinguishing property, which
ensures the airtightness and safe use of the filter.
Flange thickness is available in 20mm and 25mm.
Fire retardant: DIN 53438 F1.
UL certified.